North American Indian Ministries

Beginning in 2001, teams of youth and adults from the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and other denominations have gone on mission trips to Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota .

The teams were given goals prior to the initial trip. The first was to establish a relationship with the Lakota Indians. The second goal was to continue the relationship by returning to the Reservation regularly.

A good relationship has been established with the Lakota on Rosebud. This has been done not only through repeated trips there, but also by providing tribal members and the main priest from Rosebud a trip to Texas in 2003 for a cultural exchange.

While on Rosebud the teams host community meals, visit nursing homes, visit and help at a women's shelter and a children's crisis center, conduct Bible School , assist with church fundraisers, do work projects, and worship with the Indians. In turn, the Indians have invited team members to participate in cultural events.

North American Indian Ministries, Inc., (NAIM), was started in May, 2004, to further nurture the relationship with the Lakota. We are a 3 person non-salaried board with 12 advisory members (2 clergy, an attorney, an artist, and 8 Lakota Indians).

Individual team members are expected to write letters to possible supporters and help with various fundraisers. There is a set amount established as the cost per team member. Certain fundraisers have been established, but new ideas are always explored. Great effort is made to keep costs down, and there has been success in this area. Items are purchased when on sale, and wish lists are published so supporters can sponsor certain needs or purchase and donate items.